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Guide to Dental Symptoms

In general, transient cold or heat sensitivity or sharp momentary biting pain are symptoms that the nerve and pulp tissue of the tooth is irritated, but may get better with treatment by your general dentist. A small cavity, cracked filling or exposed root surface could be the source of your discomfort. You should contact your dentist about these issues first.

Pain to heat or cold that lingers or requires pain medications to relieve and spontaneous aching or throbbing with pain to biting are symptoms of more severe damage to the nerve and pulp tissue and may require endodontic treatment. You should see your dentist about these symptoms and if the tooth is fixable they can refer you to our office for endodontic treatment to save your tooth.

There are many sources of pain in the face. Tooth pain, sinus pain, myofacial or (muscle pain), and neuralgias (nerve pain) can all cause pain in the face. Pain on both sides of your face is rarely due to a problem with your tooth. You should see your dentist if you are having continued pain in a tooth or your face. We are experts in diagnosing facial pains and if indicated your dentist may refer you to our office to help figure out the source of your pain.